We tried hundreds of workout tracker apps.

None of them fit our needs perfectly.

So we decided to build our own.

Introducing... Hyperlog

Hyperlog is a super simple, yet super powerful workout tracker.

Our goal is make your progress go hyperbolic.

But there are already so many other workout trackers

Yes, and a lot of them are really good.

We could go on.

For many people, one of the above apps is perfect for them.

If Hyperlog isn't for you, we're more than happy to point you to their direction.

None of those other apps are perfect for us. Here's why.

Hyperlog is our solution.

Hyperlog is founded to incorporate only the best parts of what's out there.

Structured Simplicity

The app should be so simple that you already know how to use Hyperlog.

Everything should be intuitive. Miniscule learning curve, if any.

If there's an unnecessary button or step, we remove it.

World-Class Design and Experience

The latest in user interface and user experience research. The latest & greatest technologies.

Not just for the fun of it — but to deliver the best experience.

We use Hyperlog every day. We want it to look and feel as good as possible.

Powerful and Insightful

The graphs aren't just pretty. They aren't just to look at.

They're meant to deliver actual insight for you to make decisions on your workouts.

They're there to help you understand exactly how far you've come along in your journey. And where you're going.

But, they are pretty and good to look at, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, how do you make money?

Good question. We understand why the other apps monetize the way they do -- getting monthly recurring revenue is stable. It compounds. You have reliable money coming in, without the need to constantly bring in new customers.

But people are sick of paying for subscriptions. And we don't blame them.

We offer completely optional, premium features at a one-time cost. These premium features include:

Interested? Let us know where to contact you when the beta is available.