Workout Tracker With Superpowers

Track your workouts, analyze your progress, and see results like never before

The ease of notes
Advanced analytics

Simpler than a notebook. Get powerful analytics. It's time for your progress to go hyperbolic 📈

The fastest way to track workouts

The fewest taps needed to track your workouts. Designed to be intuitive, out of the way, and a breeze to use.

Flexible Tracking

Track exactly what you want, down to the equipment used, RPE, reps, rest, and more.

Think Less. Do More.

Quickly see what you did last session, so you know what to aim above. Repeating an old workout? Just one button away.

Personal Analytics

Days in the gym, streaks, exercise minutes per week.

Exercise Analytics

Projected rep-maxes, weekly volume, number of sets by muscle group per week, and more.

Everything you need in one app

Science-Based Programs

Each program has been carefully crafted by experts using the latest scientific research to guarantee results.

Custom Workouts

Customize everything about your workouts — from the equipment used, exercise name, how it should be tracked, everything.

Offline First

Your data, owned by you, on your device. No internet connection required. No account required. No spinners, loaders, etc. Your data stays with you and is ready at any moment.

Import Your Data

Keep your existing workout data and unlock new insights with us.

Smart Progression Overload

See how your performance has improved over time, and how to take it to the next level.

Smart Warmups

Let us compute the optimal weights to use for your warmups. Save your energy for the big sets. Not an ounce of work is wasted.

Integration with Apple Health

Sync your workouts with Apple Health, keeping all your activity data in 1 spot.

Set Rest Timer

Configure how long to rest between sets. Get a gentle nudge when it's time to get back to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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